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Benefits of vehicle tracking for small business

Some small companies prefer to reduce their expenses by excluding the usage of a vehicle tracking system. Mostly because of a perception stereotype, that vehicle tracking requires a large budget and is not affordable for small businesses.

On the example of nxPortal, let’s review the benefits of vehicle tracking system for small business:


  1. More accurate accounting. Collecting data of shift time, driving time, stops and distance automatically, not only frees the team from paperwork, but also ensures that they are being paid fairly.
  2. Improve customer experience. Providing clear reports and bills to the customers, refines customer service and company’s reputation notably.
  3. Lower fuel costs are achieved by reduction of unnecessary stops, unauthorized vehicle use and adoption of direct routes.
  4. Increase the vehicle use duration. Creating and enforcing better driving habits and by adopting proactive maintenance practices will decrease vehicle wear and tear.
  5. Improve fleet’s efficiency. Enhancing workforce productivity, small companies will be able to limit expenses and improve profit.

Vehicle track system customized for your business size

Being focused on individual software solution, Navimatix offers it’s own vehicle tracking system, that can be adjusted for customer business needs.
With GPS tracking, Geo-Fence capabilities, real-time tracking and reports nxPortal is an integrated telematics and fleet tracking solution that provides valuable insight into the location and activities of your vehicles and drivers.

Less than 10 Euro per month – service and device are already included in the price. Therefore, there is no need to invest any extra budget. Take a benefit from signing a contract for a year and get your 30Euro voucher now!


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